The first prototype, the “Les Abers” Tiny House was built during the 2016 summer. This Tiny House got its name from “L’Aber Wrac’h” a celtic fjord where its three builders spent three months conceiving this really particular house


Maxence Grillon

A big fan of the outdoors, Maxence likes vagabonding on the roads when he is not sailing. Keen to occupy its free time in an intelligent manner, and by nature sensible to environmental issues, he wanted to transpose the mobility & energetic autonomy of boats in the domain of more "traditional" houses


Antoine Grillon

After numerous years spent aboard, within start-ups & corporate companies of the internet world, Antoine was looking for new challenges combining environment, technology and household. Even so habits die hard, you will more easily find him building Tiny Houses than sitting in front of a computer


Sofian Merabiha

Fan of manual work, Sofian spent several months with Maxence, on the Harmony of the Seas cruise ship, where they worked as watch officers. Intrigued by the technical and human challenge of a Tiny House construction, he rapidly became found of the idea and produced the technical plans necessary to the launch of the project. He then became an integral part of the project


"Le peuple des cabanes" - A documental produced by Xavier Selva

Special thanks to

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Jacques Beydon Artist - Painter

Jacques Beydon, artist and carpenter, whose accomodation, love for wood and patience in front of newbies were of a precious help. You can find his works of art on his website

Baptiste Doucerain Tech engineer

Our chief programmer without whom the connectivity and smart system monitoring the energetic performances of "Les Abers" wouldn't have been possible

Before anything else, Vagabonde is a story of friendship and family and wouldn’t have been possible without the support, advice, material, hands or simply trust of : Erwann, François, Gauvin, Gégé, Gonzague, Laétitia, Loïc, Lola, Marco, Marie-Christine, and all the others